Memorial Day at TBS


This Memorial Day, families all over the world will celebrate the bravery and courage of fallen men and women of war. The loss of loved ones can never truly be forgotten, but every year, we can remember and celebrate their lives.

This year, TBS would like to specifically recognize two young men who currently work at TBS: Luis Avila, a Verification Specialist; and Martin Howell, a lead Verification Specialist. Members of the United States Military, Luis is a Logistics Specialist in the Air Force and Martin is an Aviation Platoon Leader in the Army National Guard. Luis will be deployed to the Middle East and Martin is headed to Officer Training in Alabama. Each will be leaving everything they know and love to pursue a military career. Martin will be gone for 18 months, and Luis for 8 months.

The stress and loneliness of military service, makes it easy for a soldier to forget civilian life. However, when their service is over, Luis and Martin will return to their TBS positions and continue to grow with us.

“TBS has taken care of me and my family ever since I started here, and they have always respected me being in the military,” said Luis. “That’s what a family-oriented company does.” Luis is very grateful for everything TBS has done for him and hopes to be with the company for many more years.

Martin, also grateful, said, “TBS is a growing industry and one of the best places to work. It has provided me the opportunity to move vertically within the company, and I can only imagine where it’s going to be in the next ten years. Every day when I come to work, I feel great job satisfaction.”

Thank you, Luis and Martin, for your sacrifice, bravery, strength and dedication to our nation. We send our love, prayers and gratitude as you begin your service to our nation.

By: Niki Weibel



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