R-Place Eatery in Morris, IL

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“Our place has been in business for 50 years and there’s a reason for that,” says Kathleen Romines, manager of R-Place Eatery off interstate 80 in Morris, Illinois. “There are three components to making a successful restaurant,” she continued, “great food, terrific service and an interesting and unique atmosphere. That’s what we’ve created here at our place.”

R-Place Eatery opened in 1967 as the Chuck Wagon, with 100 seats. Coffee was 10 cents a cup and everyone ate hamburgers and fried chicken. Over the years, it evolved into a destination restaurant for truckers, travelers and the local community.

In 1987 R-Place decided to enhance its “unique atmosphere” with antique toy displays, including a puppet show “because we want our customers to come out and have fun,” says Romines. “But don’t get me wrong – we’re most famous for our food. There’s always something new and different for our customers to try because we keep changing up our menus.”

In addition to a salad bar with homemade salads and muffins, R-Place also has an in-house bakery that features homemade breads, fresh flaky pastries, and made to order cakes.

Most popular on its menu are the R-Specialties, the most notorious of which is the “Premium Ethyl” – the ultimate challenge for burger lovers. Ethyl got her name from the gasoline standard oil sold many years ago, Premium and Ethyl. She is two pounds of fresh hamburger, a one-pound hamburger bun and one pound of fixins. The record for consuming it is seven minutes. A young 13-year-old girl one ate it in 55 minutes.

“You have to admit our Ethyl is pretty interesting,” said Romines, “that’s why our customers keep coming back. Anything the community needs, we are always there to help. To be honest, we want our place to become our customers’ place.”

Check out the R-Place Eatery menu here:

R-Place Eatery customers ready to take on the “Premium Ethyl” – two pounds of hamburger, a one-pound bun and one pound of fixins. If any of them eats it within an hour and survives . . . R-Place covers the $21.99 menu price!


R-Place Eatery cupcakes made exclusively at the restaurant’s in-house bakery.


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