Truckers Celebrate Any Holiday in Holladay, TN

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Infamous for its daily food buffets, North Forty Truck Stop in Holladay, Tennessee is especially infamous for its holiday buffets, including its Easter buffet.

According to Rita Palen, general manager, “Truckers know that we put out stuff that your grandmother would make – baked ham, roast beef, chicken strips, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, corn, okra, sweet potatoes, Peas, cauliflower. . . and, and fried cabbage.”

Fried cabbage??! “When I first took over as manager on a St. Patrick’s Day, said Palen, “I found a cabbage recipe online and we tweaked it.  Now when we have it people will stand in line waiting for us to bring out another pan. On major holidays all one person does is fry the cabbage.”

North Forty Truck Stop was first established in 1982 as a truck stop open 24 hours a day to serve the needs of truckers. Check out the home page of the truck stop’s website:

Feel stressed out from driving? Get a massage! Just need a break? Come watch TV in our TV room or enjoy something in our restaurant and catch the news/weather! Take a break in our game room! Dirty clothes piled up? Do your laundry here! Feel like you need to wash off that road dust? Take a shower here!

All those services notwithstanding, it’s the buffets that keep the parking lot full.  “Truckers like the fact that we are independently owned,” said Palen, “and they feel like their family when they are here.”

The only menu item more loved than the fried chicken is the banana pudding. “It’s old family recipe that our cooks have made with the same TLC as the person who passed the recipe down,” said Palen. Whispering, she added, “And the recipe is a secret.”

In addition to the Easter buffet, truckers will find dyed Easter eggs plus sour cream coconut cake with dyed green coconut topped with Peeps and jellybeans.

“We have a lot of fun around the holidays,” said Palen. “We go the extra mile for truckers because without them, we wouldn’t have an establishment. We like being a place where they can come and see a friendly face, eat some good food, and know they’re appreciated.


Easter cake at the North Forty Truck Stop buffet

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