Here’s the Beef in Tyler, TX!

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Truckers on the road in Tyler, Texas don’t have to spend too much time asking, “Where’s the beef?” For hundreds of truckers since 2008, the best beef is at the Texas Best Smokehouse truck stop.

According to manager, Leo Hena, the beef is best not just because it’s “high quality and tasty,” but also because of it’s seasoning. “The seasoning is a secret, of course, a recipe created by the owner who was a chef before he opened the restaurant,” said Leo. “Some truckers come from hundreds of miles away just for the brisket.”

Serving about 500 customers a day, the Smokehouse also offers a free sandwich when a truck driver buys 100 gallons of diesel, and a free meal when he or she buys 150 gallons. What’s more, any trucker who fills up – no matter how many gallons — gets a free 10-pound bag of ice and free drink.

“We love truckers,” said Leo. “We’re a family here and we know truckers are family people. That’s why we have trucker appreciation weeks and special drawings to earn points on our Texas Smokehouse Awards card.” Every gallon purchased by a trucker equals a penny on the card that can be redeemed for merchandise in the Smokehouse store.

The lure of the Smokehouse is perhaps best described by this post on its Facebook page:

This place is AMAZING!!! As soon as you enter the parking lot you are hit with a mouth watering, enticing smell of barbeque! Their pulled pork sandwich is wonderful! The pork is so tender and juicy! And their mashed potatoes? Don’t pass those up! They are like whipped clouds! The ribs are literally fall off the bone tender and so full of flavor! Potato Salad was very good too! DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT go by this place without getting a bite!


The beef brisket at the Texas Best Smokehouse.


Beef brisket smoking in the pit at the Texas Best Smokehouse.

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