Tiny Place – Big Tex-Mex Taste in San Angelo, TX

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Just three years ago, Forbes magazine named San Angelo, Texas, fourth in the nation under “Best Small Cities For Jobs.” Three years before that, CNN Money ranked San Angelo as one of the best cities to launch a small business . . . a small successful business like El Paisano Restaurante as evidenced by its 4.6-star (out of 5) rating. According to San Angelo restaurant reviewer Casey A. Riley:

San Angelo has so many restaurants — you probably couldn’t drive 5 minutes in any direction without some Tex-Mex to eat. El Paisano is tucked away in a tiny lot . . . and if you don’t look for it, you’ll probably pass it by, but we encourage you to slow down and sit for a while. It’s a total Mom and Pop type place and the prices are super reasonable . . . and the steak tips and fajitas are the best in town. Normally I would not recommend a Mexican Restaurant for steak but this is an exception.

Following are some customer reviews:

I was born and raised here and I know good steak. You get a plate of refried beans topped with cheese and salsa and a basket of tortilla chips free of charge as soon as you are seated. I can’t rate the Mexican food because I’ve never gotten past the steak. I don’t eat meat often anymore and would never ‘sop’ up steak drippings with toast, but I do here!

 Great food. Fresh tortillas, homemade guacamole, various salsas, grilled meats. I would eat the totillas alone they had so much flavor. It’s a simple restaurant, mish mash décor. But the food is great.

 Ate the steak bites and they are unbelievably tender and tasty. Best place to eat in San Angelo.

NOTE TO READERS: Our One-Stop Talk editor typically interviews the founder/manager of the restaurants she checks out . . . however, the founder/manager of El Paisano speaks very little English. She did say, however, “Mejor carne en la ciudad” or “Best steak in town.” Also, this restaurant was recommended by a fellow trucker who said, “Best fajitas I’ve ever eaten!”


Steak bits at El Paisano Restaurante




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