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Trucking Industry Worries New Rule Could Raise Costs

A new rule requiring most big rigs to be equipped with electronic logs that record a driver’s time behind the wheel is triggering deep divisions in the trucking world and raising concerns that shipping goods could get more costly and complicated (Wall Street Journal 12/15/17). The federal regulation took effect on Dec. 18. Many shippers Read More…

Thank You, Vets!


Steer Right On In!

Participating or witnessing a livestock auction can work up an appetite, particularly if the auction lasts five hours and features the sale of 5,000 cows. Perhaps that’s why the Texhoma Livestock Auction in 2001 began to sell cattle just down the hall from the Texhoma Livestock Café – a restaurant that first opened in the Read More…


Factoring with TBS Has Its Perks!

Weary of the daily work grind? Have a latte on your mind about meeting your bottom line? Avoid strong and heated debates about your business expenses by factoring your invoices with TBS. We’ll provide tailor-made, same-day payments when you deliver your loads by whatever, beans, necessary. And our customer service is brew-tiful. So stop your Read More…


Best Energy Boost?

A trucker posted the following in a Reddit (11/5/17) feed [edited]: Besides coffee, what else give you that energy boost (be nice!)? Following are some of the responses [edited]: Opening both windows while on the highway and blasting music. It helps keep me up while driving at night when I start feeling tired. The best Read More…


UPS to Retrofit Class 8 Trucks with Collision-Mitigation Technology

UPS has announced that it is equipping more than 5,700 of its existing Class 8 tractors with advanced collision mitigation technology that can alert drivers to moving and stationary objects around the vehicle (11/2/17). This will result in more than 60% of UPS’s Class 8 tractor fleet, more than 11,000 vehicles, being equipped with Read More…

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Knock on the TBS Door!

Having trouble getting a “handle” on your bottom line? Your success could very well “hinge” on getting cash fast. Why not “open” your business to factoring from TBS! “Woodn’t” it be better to get tailor-made, same-day payments when you deliver your loads? And our customer service is anything but one-dimensional. In fact, we see our Read More…


What Do You Do with A Truck with a Roll-up Door?

A trucker posted the following in a Reddit (10/17/17) feed [edited]: I’m brand new to the trucking world and have my own authority and truck and trailer. I finally got all the pieces together and today started searching for loads. After unexpectedly filling out over a dozen carrier applications, I thought I was ready. This Read More…