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Diesel Prices Hit 2018 High

  According to [4/16/18], the price of diesel fuel is at its highest this year, and its highest since the beginning of 2015. The average price in the United States for a gallon of on-highway diesel now stands at $3.104, the highest since the week ending Jan. 5, 2015, when diesel averaged out at Read More…

Say “Truck Off!” to Fraud Part 2 – Fuel Advance Theft

In Part 1 of our “Say ‘Truck Off’ to Fraud” series, we revealed how thieves are employing cyber tactics to steal cargo worth billions of dollars. Unfortunately, they aren’t stopping with cargo. They are also employing tactics to flat-out steal fuel advances. Overdriveonline calls it “the most common scam out there” (11/24/15). How it Works Read More…


Distracted Driving Awareness Month Highlights Continuous Problems on Roads

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, and according to an analysis of 65 million vehicle trips by Cambridge Mobile Telematics, driving distracted occurred in 36% of trips nationwide, up 5% from the same time last year. The rise is due to the prevalence and use of smartphones. Studies have also shown that professional drivers are Read More…

Say “Truck Off!” to Fraudulent Theft Part 1 – Cargo Theft

  Remember back in the day when thieves simply drove trucks loaded with thousands of dollars of merchandise out of parking lots? With the onset of GPS devices, high-tech locks and other advanced security measures, thieves began to employ cyber tactics — namely mining the Internet — to steal millions more in merchandise.  According to Read More…


Fuel Up, Clean Up, Cheer Up at the Tennessean Truck Stop

“Bring ‘em on in, baby!  We’re ready, and we’re never closed!” says the manager of the Tennessean Truck Stop in Cornersville, TN off I-65, with enthusiasm that instantly explains why truckers love the place. First opened in 1973 as a gas station, the 24/7 Tennessean has grown to include a convenience store, a large, well-lit Read More…


Chalk Up Success with TBS!

When it comes to factoring your invoices, TBS walks the chalk. Other companies factor, but don’t compare to TBS, not by a long chalk. TBS offers timely, tailor-made, same-day payments plus award-winning customer service. Yes, we’re good at what we do. Just chalk it up to our experience.


Quote for the Road

“I know from experience that you should never give up on yourself or others, no matter what.”   — George Forman


How Much Should I Ask For?

A trucker posted the following question in a Reddit (3/21/18) feed [edited]: My current employer is paying for my CDL based on a tuition reimbursement program, but has not offered me a CDL position or discussed the rate of pay if I were to drive as a secondary job duty. Becoming an as-needed driver is Read More…

It’s Like You Never Left Home!

Peterbilt Debuts Model 579 UltraLoft copyright: Peterbilt EXTERIOR: Designed to maximize efficiency, providing a “2-percent aerodynamic improvement to push the limits of efficiency even further while maintaining the styling and bold look of the Model 579.” copyright: Peterbilt INTERIOR: The 579 UltraLoft offers the industry’s largest storage capacity — as much as 70 cubic feet. Read More…

Trump’s Progress Report

About seven in 10 respondents to polling at (2/16/18) generally give positive marks to Donald Trump for his first year as president, according to writer Todd Dills. The third who clearly support him also qualify that endorsement with regret for his doing nothing about the electronic logging device (ELD), which reached enforcement stage in late Read More…

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