Is Your Insurance Down-Payment a Roadblock?

Ask about our DDP Insurance Program (Deferred Down-Payment) and Defer Up to 50% of your Insurance Down-Payment.

How Simple is it?

Let’s say you have a $3,000 down-payment to begin or renew your insurance. You put down $1,500 and TBS pays the other $1,500. Then, TBS simply deducts $300/week out of your factored loads (in addition to regular fees) to repay the $1,500 insurance deferral. TBS can also defer up to 50% of the down-payment of an additional truck as a mid-term endorsement. 

Great Policies... Great Prices

TBS is growing a network of Preferred Agencies that offer the best opportunities in the marketplace for our DDP Insurance Program. TBS knows trucking and we will find the best provider who will tailor a policy for your needs at a competitive price. Our network of Preferred Agencies insure all types of trucks in all states and are committed to the high-quality customer service you have come to expect from TBS.

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