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August 18, 2014
Out-of-Service Violations

HOS and brakes top out-of-service violations in this year's Roadcheck inspection blitz...

Of the 72,415 drivers inspected in this year’s Roadcheck inspection spree, 4.8 percent were placed out-of-service, and more than half of those were placed out-of-service due to hours of service or logbook violations.

The 72-hour inspection event was held June 3-5, and the driver out-of-service rate rose slightly from last year’s 4.3 percent. The rate of vehicle out-of-service orders, however, fell to 18.7 percent from 2013’s 20.6 percent.

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August 11, 2014
Top States For Inspections

Where the inspection action is? Among all 48 continental states, 2013 saw 29 states increase their attention to moving violations....

Total inspections nationwide fell by less than a percentage point in 2013, but in Pennsylvania, Georgia and other high-traffic areas, inspectors cranked up their activity.

The state rankings shown below for overall inspection intensity are based on two measurements. One is the total truck and driver inspections performed during 2013. The other is total lane-miles of National Highway System roadway within each state.

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August 04, 2014
Brake Trends: Drums vs Discs

Although 90% of heavy trucks still get drums, discs are gaining in popularity...

Five years ago, when federal authorities announced that stopping-distance rules for heavy tractors would get stricter, there was talk that this would finally cause a conversion from drum brakes to air disc brakes in the U.S. Even well before that, some supplier representatives claimed that discs were so superior that a switch to them was inevitable, just as has happened in Europe and other overseas markets.

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