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January 12, 2016
Huge Roadtrains

GoPro view through the windscreen of a Kenworth K100 looking at massive roadtrains in the North West of Australia.

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January 05, 2016
Parking Problem

The Top 20 worst states for parking....

Overdrive‘s recent coverage of the issue of truck parking around the nation showed a concentration of states where the problem is most pronounced on both coasts. Of the 11 Northeastern states (including Maryland), only New Hampshire and Vermont escape the top 20 list of worst states. And though California tops Overdrive‘s weighted rankings of the worst states for truck parking at No. 1, Northeast states occupied Nos. 2-6 .

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December 09, 2015
Fuel Prices Lowest of the Year

Fuel prices lowest of the year...

Diesel and gasoline prices dropped again in the first week of December, setting new lows for the year, according to the latest numbers from the Energy Department.

The average price of a gallon of on-highway diesel fuel decreased 4.2 cents for the week, dropping to $2.379. The price is down considerably compared to the same week a year ago, coming in $1.156 cheaper year-over-year.

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