Fuel Card

Fuel Card

Fuel is the #1 cost for independent trucking companies

In the past, fuel discount programs were not available to small companies. However, with the TBS Velocity Fuel Program, you save money on your #1 expense, plus our exclusive Fuel Finder makes it easy to find the best fuel savings at truck stops along your route. Make smarter decisions that save you money and deal only with one partner -- TBS!

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Increase your chance to succeed as an independent trucker by listening to what other successful truckers say are the keys to making it in this tough business.

Fuel Finder App

TBS Fuel Finder provides clients with a fuel management solution that leverages the full power of the TBS discount fuel program with real-time data that is user-friendly. The app features route planning and customer-specific discount fuel prices across the country. Bookmark or add our Fuel Finder icon on your mobile device.

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