Free Load Board

Free Load Board

Freight Moves 'round the Clock – so does Search4Freight

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    A FREE load board to help build your business. TBS Factoring clients only.

  • Custom Search

    Find the perfect match. Search by type, geography, company, and more.

  • Fresh Loads

    Thousands of top loads each day in real-time. Quick refresh.

  • Mobile Friendly

    Access from any device, anywhere.

  • Pre-Approved Factor Loads

    Hundreds of loads pre-approved to factor. Look for the green “thumbs up” icon.

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Increase your chance to succeed as an independent trucker by listening to what other successful truckers say are the keys to making it in this tough business.

Fuel Finder App

TBS Fuel Finder provides clients with a fuel management solution that leverages the full power of the TBS discount fuel program with real-time data that is user-friendly. The app features route planning and customer-specific discount fuel prices across the country. Bookmark or add our Fuel Finder icon on your mobile device.

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