Past Winners

Meet December’s lucky $1000 winner.

Jesus Ramos owns Acosta and Company Trucking.

Truckle Express Wins $1000

Meet October’s lucky $1000 winner.  Betzabe (Betsy) Aradillas and Lidia Lopez own Truckle Express.

Morales USA Trucking Wins $1,000

In the late 1800’s, transportation played a major role in turning a dying Florida backwater village into a bustling town and then a small city.

Kelley's Trucking Wins $1,000

I never thought I would win this drawing, even though I have seen other winners on your website. I had my family in the van at the time of your call and my headset was turned up so loud they heard our conversation.


Our lucky April winner is Alma Sabic operating out of Ft. Wayne, Indiana.


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