Past Winners

Abel Munoz Wins $1000

Meet February’s lucky $1000 winner. Abel and Lesly own Road King Transportation.

Mike Polack Wins $1000

Meet December’s lucky $1000 winner. Mike owns Executive Transportation.

Brian Belisle Wins $1000

Meet October’s lucky $1000 winner. Brian Belisle owns Aviator Transport. 

Brian started his trucking company a year and a half ago. He operates out of the Lone Star State and calls Houston home. Brian says “he hauls the Lower 48 and loves being out on the road.”

Rich Man or Poor Man?

The driver of this beauty was our $1,000 August winner. Want to know who?

Schoelzel Family Win $1,000

Meet June’s lucky $1,000 winner. The Schoelzel family own Otter Creek Transport.


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