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Successful truckers can’t wait 30 to 60 days for brokers and shippers to pay freight bills. Improve your cash flow by partnering with TBS, the premiere freight factoring company, and get paid the same day you deliver the load.

Non-recourse is our most popular program. TBS holds none of your money in reserve for later payment, plus the rate is constant so you know what to expect. We also offer other programs to benefit any size company.

Factor freight bills at TBS with minimum effort. Set up is FREE and takes only 24 hours. Simply send us your qualified freight bills with proof of delivery, and we send you money. Nothing could be easier.

A trucker can’t afford to work for a broker who cannot pay.  TBS provides FREE top-quality credit checks on every company you consider loading. We make sure you have all the credit information you need to make good business decisions for your company.

Your complete satisfaction is at the heart of what we do and who we are.  Turn to TBS, the most trusted freight factoring company, with confidence for proven, extra-mile service for everything you need to go farther.


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Tell us about your company, and we’ll work with you to determine which program best benefits you.

With TBS -- the number one truck factor – you’ll stay on the road and move ahead faster to greater success.

  • TBS Fuel Finder

    With the TBS FUEL PROGRAM, clients save up to $0.35 per gallon with our fuel cards. Our EXCLUSIVE FUEL FINDER app helps you and your drivers find the best fuel savings at truck stops along your routes.

  • Startups Start Here

    Let TBS process your MC/DOT# and BOC3 for FREE!!! You only pay the $300 FMCSA registration fee! No gimmicks, no annual membership fee, no processing or application fee. Let our experts do it right the first time.

  • tbs search for freight loadboard

    Freight moves around the clock and so does Search4Freight.com. Thousands of top pre-approved, quick -refresh loads are posted in real-time each day.

  • tbs insurance ddp deferral program

    Shift the high cost of your insurance down-payment, endorsements or renewals into something more manageable when you take advantage of our DDP.

  • TBS Factoring App

    TBS Factoring App

    Use the TBS: Get Paid® mobile app to get fast, same-day pay for your loads anywhere...anytime. Easily factor loads, check credit, request a fuel advance, track notifications and more. The smart way to manage your business of factoring with TBS. Visit the Google Play Store or Apple App Store today to download!


  • tbs truck boss show

    The Truck Boss Show is the nation’s only weekly live-streamed broadcast dedicated to all things trucking. From news, gear, events, regs, food, rigs, and health. Watch on Facebook and YouTube.

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