Jennifer Lickteig Offers Advice for Female Finance Leaders in Secured Lender Magazine's Women in Finance Issue

Jennifer Lickteig Offers Advice for Female Finance Leaders in Secured Lender Magazine's Women in Finance Issue

Submitted by bjmartin on Wed, 08/19/2020 - 2:50pm

Secured Lender Magazine, the official magazine of the Secured Finance Network, asked TBS CEO Jennifer Lickteig to share her success secrets with up-and-coming female finance leaders. 

Lickteig, an SFNet Board Member, is a four-time CEO, and has previously been recognized by the Department of Homeland Security as National Small Business Person of the year. Her advice for women hoping to advance in their finance careers included:

  • Choose a path that can hold your interest because it feels good and then measure your successes by how much you enjoy what you are responsible for. When you really like what you do, you will do it better than others and the result is actually better for everyone around you, and not just at work!
  • Get involved! Professional industry organizations like SFNet provide terrific opportunities to network, grow technical skills and develop a deeper understanding of what’s happening within the industry. It’s said that fortune favors the prepared and getting involved by actively participating will definitely prepare you!
  • Speak up! Studies have shown women are more reluctant to tout their accomplishments in the workplace. “I was raised to believe that taking credit for my own work or touting natural skills I have was not attractive,” Lickteig said. “My epiphany came when I started to realize that I valued the confident, self-aware and successful women around me. I had to give myself permission to acknowledge my successes, work product and talents, and allow others to recognize them too.”
  • Accept praise. When anyone acknowledges your talents, say “thank you, that means a lot that you noticed” and resist the urge to throw it back by saying things like “Oh it was nothing really” or “I couldn’t have done it without you.” When you can master this acceptance and feel genuinely deserving without demurring or deferring, that is huge.
  • Learn from mistakes. Great leaders aren’t immune from missteps. It is through mistakes that we learn to accept help from others, come to see new ways of doing things, and become better at problem solving.
  • Being the “boss” doesn’t make you a leader. Often a young, or first-time leader will make the mistake of “bossing” people around to prove themselves, instead of taking time to connect with people. You can only be a leader, however, when others want to follow you.

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