KFOR - Oklahoma businesses spreading cheer

KFOR - Oklahoma businesses spreading cheer

Submitted by abrackett on Sun, 03/22/2020 - 3:50pm

Among the chaos of the growing pandemic, there are instances of people doing good things for one another and the community.

On Friday, local businesses were doing their part to spread happiness in times of uncertainty.

The CEO and employees of TBS Factory, a company that supports truck drivers, took to off-ramps along I-35. They were giving away free lunches to truck drivers in an event dubbed “Sandwiches 4 Semis.”

“It’s very difficult for truck drivers right now to get food,” said CEO Jennifer Lickteigh. “When we saw Pennsylvania close their rest stops, we were very worried about that because we need truck drivers right now.”

She wanted to give truck drivers, who are already socially distanced, a little love and respect. Lickteigh also pointed out that the trucks can’t go through drive-thrus, so she's hoping more businesses will offer curbside assistance.

“They’re the ones bringing us the relief supplies that we need and depend on right now,” she said.

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