Ranch Hand Lightens Truckers Load

Ranch Hand Lightens Truckers Load

Submitted by abrackett on Fri, 03/27/2020 - 12:37pm

The Ranch Hand Truck Stop just outside Montpelier, along with people from the Bear Lake Valley, are helping truckers survive the COVID-19 crisis in a beautiful way. Inside the Ranch Hand, there is a table that has on it everything from donuts to Gatorade, water, homemade cookies, toilet paper, razors, candy bars, and grab bags of food, just to name a few of the many items people in the valley have been donating. These items are for the sole purpose of helping truckers so that they can stop and grab something from the table to help them have something to eat and drink to get through to their next stop.  There are even items for the truckers' dogs.

The effort started out from a Facebook page called Feeding Truckers America that helped truckers all across the country. So, Kale Wuthrich of The Ranch Hand decided to bring that locally because people of the area were donating things quite often for truckers. He made it a cohesive, put-together table with all of the donations in one place for the truckers to be able to just stop and take what they need.

According to Kale, the response has been tremendous and the effort by the community to donate has been huge and greatly appreciated.

Truckers have become the unsung heroes of the COVID-19 panic. They are driving long hours to make sure stores stay stocked and supplies are where they need to be. However, with the shortages on store shelves, they are driving non-stop. They are doing their best to move their supplies fast with the high demand, but the precautionary measures being taken at restaurants are making it hard for truck drivers to find something quick to eat. A lot of the fast food places and restaurants are going strictly to drive-through, and not allowing walk-ups to their windows, so it’s hard for trucks to stop.

In fact, a Palmdale, Cal., Sheriff’s Station issued a plea on Facebook asking anyone who can to assist truck drivers who are unable to purchase food at a drive-through due to the size of their vehicles. He said, “If you happen to be sitting in your car eating because the dining room is closed, or you are going into a drive through and see a truck driver attempt to pull on a door, please ask if you can buy them a meal.”

But there are actually people all over the country who are trying to help the truckers. As these truck drivers are risking their personal health and doing the hard work to keep products moving to stores, hospitals, and other places, little oases of brightness pop up in unexpected places, such as in Oklahoma City when TBS Factoring Service provided truck drivers with a “grab-and-go” sack lunch with a submarine sandwich, water, and chips. Company executives held up signs near the interstate encouraging truckers to take a break and enjoy the complimentary meal.

As an added inconvenience, rest stops are closing because of the COVID-19 scare. Truckers are having a hard time even finding a restroom or a place to take a nap. But there are businesses and people who are donating parking and porta-potties and supplying individual wrapped food and other items when they stop.

Some people are even offering a place for the trucker to park and then a free ride to any of the restaurants in town that are open or are at least offering food through a drive-through service.

So, the Ranch Hand is among good company in helping the truckers get through their day and between stops. They are also among the “unsung heroes” that are helping the trucking heroes as they drive their long hours and miles. We appreciate The Ranch Hand and the people of the Bear Lake community who are donating these items for the truckers. Keep it up!

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