TBS Factoring looks for next-level leaders

TBS Factoring looks for next-level leaders

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 by Paula Burkes  

Q: What are the leading skills or traits you seek in employees?

A: As a leading provider of cash flow to the nation's small- to medium-sized businesses, TBS serves independence; that's our passion. Independence is also something we look for in our employees — high-integrity self-starters eager to learn new things, with the problem-solving skills to get things done and keep our clients moving forward.

Q: What traits or behaviors disqualify employment in your organization?

A: Time is of the essence when dealing with other people's money. We work in very high volumes and we have to be able to work as a team to serve the customer and ensure that needs are met and nothing falls through the cracks. Our customers can be pretty demanding, which means we have to double down on energy and efficiency. One person with a negative attitude can bring the whole team down. With everyone working so hard, we pitch in for each other, so there's no room for anyone with a siloed "not my problem" mindset.

Q: How do you develop employees?

A: We believe strongly in cross-training and promoting from within our own ranks. With our rapid growth over the past several years we've had plenty of opportunities for advancement. To ensure that our associates are aware of all of the opportunities within the company, their first few days on the job are spent in product training, rotating from department to department to understand what each department does, and how it relates to what they will be doing. It's important for each associate to understand not only how to do their job, but also how their effort fits into the bigger picture so that they understand their contribution to our success. We offer web-based training and cross-company leadership development to discuss best practices and raise up our next level of leaders from within the ranks of existing associates. Additionally, we provide all of our associates with quarterly updates from senior management, sharing key performance metrics, as well as short- and long-term plans and strategies. We believe that if we're going to ask them to help us achieve our strategic goals, we need to share those goals so we can work in alignment.

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