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Win the cash flow battle and get paid the day
you deliver the load. TBS provides simple cash
flow solutions with freight bill factoring.

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Rates as Low as 1.25%|40-50% fuel advance rates available|Low flat rates

Freight Factoring

TBS offers a variety of freight factoring programs. If you want the highest initial payment, we have a flat fee non-recourse program that will do that. Or if you want a recourse program at a possible lower cost, we have that too.


  • No Reserve Account -
  • 100% of your money up front
  • No Volume Requirement
  • No Long Term Commitment
  • No Sign Up Fees
  • No Credit Score Minimum
  • Free Online Credit Checks
  • FedEx Program
  • Advance Program
  • Fuel Card


  • Highest Advance Rate in Industry
  • Pricing Varies by Volume
    and Debtor Quality
  • No Volume Requirement
  • No Sign Up Fees
  • Free Online Credit Checks
  • FedEx Program
  • Advance Program
  • Fuel Card

Our Family of Companies

In 1968, TBS began serving independent truckers through Truckers Bookkeeping Service, a compliance company providing permitting and fuel tax reporting services.  In 1998, we started providing truck insurance through TBS Insurance Agency.

In 2004, we formed a factoring company, TBS Factoring Service LLC, to provide simple and flexible cash flow solutions with freight bill factoring. TBS is a family-owned, one-stop shop for independent trucking companies. In 2013, TBS Capital Funding joined the TBS Family, expanding our service offering to include general factoring. In 2015, Elite Dispatch Service was formed to provide logistics services for motor carriers nationwide.


Independents Choose TBS

When you factor with TBS, we take the worry out of getting paid so you can focus on
loading your truck. Our service is fast and friendly, and we offer all the extras you
need to make trucking easy.

40% or 50% Advance Rates Available

Are there times when the only load you can find is from a broker who does not offer
advances? Forget that worry ... TBS will advance you up to 50% on any load we factor!
Saturday advances available.

Discount Fuel Cards

Managing and controlling fuel costs and repairs can be a complicated,
time-consuming job. TBS offers two discount fuel cards, Comdata and FTS Plus+
powered by EFS, to maximize your savings at the pump.

FedEx Program & Trip Document Scannning

It’s easy to send your documents to TBS. Place a pre-addressed label on a standard
FedEx envelope and drop in a FedEx drop box at any truck stop or post office.


When having fast cash just isn't enough, join our TBS Velocity Club and receive serious savings that help you out in the short run with benefits for the long haul.

Velocity Fuel Program

Fuel is the number one cost for independent trucking companies. With the TBS Velocity Fuel Program, you not only save money on your largest expense but TBS makes it really easy for you to find the best fuel savings at truck stops along your route when you use our exclusive Fuel Finder. This means you can make smarter decisions that save you money and you only have to deal with one partner, TBS! The TBS Velocity Fuel Program gives you access to fuel discounts at more than 1,900 locations across the United States, including Ambest, Petro, Pilot, Flying J, TA and many more.


Defer up to 50%

Shift the high cost of your insurance down-payment, endorsements or renewals into something more manageable when you take advantage of our Deferred Down-Payment Program.

Large or small, we will listen to you and tailor a policy that meets your needs.

Freight moves 'round the clock and so does Thousands of top loads each day in real-time. Quick refresh, pre-approved factor loads.


The Trucker's
Voice In Court

Reward Program Dollars

Pro-Driver wins over 92% of their cases. Representation for moving and non-moving violations in all 50 states.

Discount Group Plan rate available for TBS clients. Also receive 100 Reward Dollars per month.


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