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Client Spotlight


Seagate Freight

TBS Client Spotlight: Seagate Freight

“We are truck drivers before anything else,” says Mike Njenga, President of Seagate Freight located in Grapevine TX, just northwest of Dallas, “so we saw things that we could change in the industry.”  

With their combined truck driving experience of more than a decade, Mike, Herbert Langat (Director of Operations), Bernard Langet (Director of Finance and Accounting) and Alex Karundu (Director of Insurance and Risk Management) – also experienced truck drivers -- decided in 2008 to come together and create the business that Seagate is today.

With a mission “to be the best and most innovative logistics partner for complex supply chain operations,” Seagate is now 260 trucks strong with a customer renewal rate of 99 percent.

Herbert contributes the company’s success to a two factors – driver experience and a strong business partner. “With my background as a driver,” said Herbert, “I could see things because we were small . . . things we could change in the industry. We wanted to make our drivers happy because our driving force depends on these drivers.”

Committed to adding value to drivers and their families, Seagate created routes so most of its drivers could be home at least every other weekend.

To continue to add value and grow, Seagate principals realized that they had to tackle their “cash flow problem.” According to Mike, “We knew people in the industry, but at times they were treating us as strangers.” Unlike other emerging companies, Seagate then had 40 trucks that some vendors dismissed as impossible.

That’s when TBS -- Seagate’s long-term business partner – became another driving force behind the company’s success. “TBS was understanding on that part,” said Herbert. “They saw a new company.”

“They pry more to try to dig deeper to learn what we are trying to achieve at the end of the day,” added Mike. “When you’re trying to move on to a different level, you need a partner to guide you along the way.”

Acknowledging that business success is often based on looking out for your own interests, Herbert appreciates how TBS consistently looks out for Seagate’s interests. “I don’t think there is anyone else out there that can make me more happy,” he says, “We look at them as partners.”

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