Fuel Card

Fuel Card

Discount Fuel Cards for Truckers

Fuel is the #1 cost for independent trucking companies

With the TBS Velocity Fuel Program, you can save up to $0.35 per gallon using our discount fuel cards and gain access to many other benefits and features of our discount fuel program.

What is a Discount Fuel Card for Truckers?


A fuel card or fleet card is a payment card used primarily for purchasing fuel or other services at truck stops. With the TBS Velocity Fuel Program you can take advantage of fuel discounts at thousands of truck stops nationwide, eliminate the need to carry cash or setting up multiple accounts or cards, and use the customizable report to keep track of fuel expenditures. Additionally, the card can be used for non-fuel purchases including repairs at partnering truck stops. 

Fuel Card Benefits

  • Discounted rates on fuel
  • Web tools to keep track of fuel expenditures
  • Set spending limits
  • Specify authorized products for purchase
  • Deposit factor payments directly to the card
  • Loyalty programs to save on tires, parts, legal services, and more
  • Access to the TBS Fuel Finder app to find the cheapest fuel

How to Get a Fuel Card?


The TBS Velocity Fuel Program requires no fees to set up. To get started, contact your TBS representative at  800-269-4106

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