Free Freight Load Board

Free Freight Load Board

Freight Moves 'round the Clock – so does Search4Freight

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    A FREE freight load board to help build your business. TBS Factoring clients only.

  • Custom Search

    Find the perfect match. Search by type, geography, company, and more.

  • Fresh Loads

    Thousands of top loads each day in real-time. Quick refresh.

  • Mobile Friendly

    Access from any device, anywhere.

  • Pre-Approved Factor Loads

    Hundreds of loads pre-approved to factor. Look for the green “thumbs up” icon.

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Free E-Book

Safety violations can ground you as sure as engine trouble. A new entrant’s survival depends on maintaining a high-level of compliance. This E-book will help you stay DOT compliant.

We make factoring easy with Handheld Finance®. Monitoring your factoring notifications and managing your TBS factoring services has never been easier! Just another reason to use Handheld Finance® factoring services by TBS.

TBS: GET PAID Handheld Finance®

Use the TBS: Get Paid Handheld Finance® mobile app to get fast, same-day pay for your loads anywhere...anytime. Easily factor loads, check credit, request a fuel advance, track notifications and more. The smart way to manage your business of factoring with TBS. Visit the Google Play Store or Apple App Store today to download!

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