Referral Winner Bio

Referral Winner Bio



Our lucky April winner is Alma Sabic operating out of Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

When TBS called Alma to advise her of her win, she couldn’t believe her good fortune, “If today was April 1st, I would have thought this was all a joke! Thanks so much, I am so happy and I will try to do my best to refer as many people as I can!”

     1.      How long have you been in the trucking business?
    My husband and I started the trucking business in 2011. 

 2.   How did you get into the trucking business?

   Originally we came from Bosnia 16 years ago, we have been in multiple businesses and 99% of our friends and family are either truck drivers or own a small trucking  company so we decided to do it as well.

   3.    How many trucks do you have?
    3 for now

4. Where do you haul?
    Cross the United States, mostly Midwest

5. What do you haul?
    Freight of all kinds

6. What is the strangest thing that you have ever hauled?
    When we first started we didn't know much about it. We had a load that had to haul bailed trash. Our driver took a picture of our trailer upside down, since that's the way   they get the trash out. That was pretty strange for us.


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