Advance Program

Are there times when the only load you can find is from a broker who does not offer advances?  Well forget that worry! TBS will advance you up to 50% on any load we factor! Plus, we offer Saturday advances.

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Fuel Card

In the past, fuel discount programs were not available to small companies. However, with the TBS Velocity Fuel Program, you save money on your #1 expense, plus our exclusive Fuel Finder makes it easy to find the best fuel savings at truck stops along your route. Make smarter decisions that save you money and deal only with one partner – TBS!

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Load Board Free

Freight Moves 'round the Clock – so does Search4Freight

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FedEx Program

EASY TO USE: Place our pre-addressed label onto a standard FedEx envelope and drop the envelope in a FedEx drop box at any truck stop or post office!

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tbs bumper total vehicle alignment

Free E-Book

You can tell a lot about mechanics by the way they take care of their tools — and your rig may be the most expensive tool you’ll ever own. Staying roadworthy is more than just a good business practice; your livelihood depends on it. We have created this series of free handy reference guides to help you keep your rig revved and ready to make you money from bumper to bumper.

We make factoring easy with Handheld Finance®. Monitoring your factoring notifications and managing your TBS factoring services has never been easier! Just another reason to use Handheld Finance® factoring services by TBS.

TBS: GET PAID Handheld Finance®

Use the TBS: Get Paid Handheld Finance® mobile app to get fast, same-day pay for your loads anywhere...anytime. Easily factor loads, check credit, request a fuel advance, track notifications and more. The smart way to manage your business of factoring with TBS. Visit the Google Play Store or Apple App Store today to download!

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