Referral Winner Bio

Referral Winner Bio

Roberto, Katy, Bernardo, Benjamin & Benicio Andrate

Roberto, Katy, Bernardo, Benjamin & Benicio Andrate

Find out why Roberto, owner of Surety Transport out of Elizabeth, New Jersey, says “it’s always good to have a best friend and a truck!”


Katy and I are a little over 10 years in business. We love working in the trucking industry. Our company, Surety Transport Inc., is based in Elizabeth, New Jersey. I compare a truck to a “best friend.” A best friend will let you borrow money today, some money tomorrow, and maybe some money next month -- but one day the best friend will request the money back. Trucks are like that -- one day they will breakdown and ask for their money back! It is always good to have a best friend and a truck.

God Bless, Roberto & Katy

1. How long have you been in the trucking business?
    10 years

2. How many trucks do you have?
    Currently running 4 trucks.

3. Where do you transport?
    We focus on the East Coast loads.

4. What do you haul?
    Dry Freight & Temperature Controls

5. What do you like best about driving a truck or the industry?
    The industry infrastructure is amazing --  the way truck owners, brokers and shippers have integrated their needs. The power to find loads    anywhere in the United States is a blessing.  God Bless America!

6. How has TBS helped you with your business?
TBS has been a great partnership for our business. They help us work with all kinds of brokers, no matter what their payment terms may be. Same day funding improves our cash flow and helps us to keep our trucks on the road.  Another great advantage when you work with TBS, is that you know what the real cost will be before you factor the load. TBS really delivers what they promise.

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