Referral Winner Bio

Referral Winner Bio

Way To Go Oliver Ortega!

Way To Go Oliver Ortega!

Meet April’s lucky $1,000 winner. Oliver is the President of Pompano Logistics.

Mr. Ortega has been running his 8-truck business out of the Sunshine State for six years. He thinks Pompano Beach, Florida is the perfect place to live and grow his business. He attributes his success to his ability to develop business in other states and hauling a variety of loads. A relative newcomer to TBS, factoring since July 2011, he said “TBS has an excellent team that each day helps me grow my business.”

1. How long have you been in the trucking business?
    6 years

2. How many trucks do you have?

    Currently running 8 trucks.

3. Where do you transport?
    All over the USA!

4. What do you haul?
    Flatbed loads

5. What do you like best about driving a truck or the industry?
There is always something new to learn when you develop business with companies in other states. I enjoy hauling a variety of loads.

6. How do you feel TBS Factoring helps you and your company?
TBS has an excellent team and they help us grow professionally every day.

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