TBS Factoring Service moves into new digs

TBS Factoring Service moves into new digs

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by Jack Money  

How long has it been since you've ridden a Big Wheel?

If you ever go to work for TBS Factoring Service or its affiliated companies, you'll get another chance.

On Thursday, the company, celebrated its move into its new corporate home at 7800 NW 85 Terrace in Oklahoma City.

The company moved its 200-plus employees into the 52,000-square-foot space just a few weeks ago out of its former corporate headquarters on Classen Boulevard and from another leased space.

TBS Factoring Service was founded in 1968 as Truckers Bookkeeping Service, which offered over-the-road truck drivers permitting and fuel tax reporting services. In 1998, it expanded those services by offering insurance and compliance reviews and audits.

In 2004, it created TBS Factoring Service LLC, which historically has bought customer truckers' outstanding invoices for what they are owed, minus a fee, and then handled collections of those receivables. It also later created a dispatching service designed to help truckers find high-paying loads.

In 2013, it created TBS Capital Funding to offer the same type of factoring service provided to truckers to other independent contractors or business owners.

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In November, it took its factoring service digital, giving its clients the ability to digitally transact their business with TBS using software capable of processing scans or photos.

Since then, it's been working on scaling up its online platform so that it can serve a multitude of new customers in various fields.

Jennifer Fogg, the company's president, said she and her employees are excited about their new offices.

"We customized most everything in our space to meet our needs," she said. "We were wanting it to look fun and inviting, not corporate — a place our employees are proud of and like to be."

The new space features:

• A carpeted track that runs along exterior walls of the space, giving employees a way to get from one part of office to the other using company-provided Big Wheels, scooters and bikes.

Fogg said the track has two purposes. First, she wanted people moving. Second, she wanted to minimize office disruptions.

• Gaming areas, including a small indoor basketball court and a putting green — places where employees can take a quick break from their desks.

• A conference room called the Vault. The space doesn't have a conference table. Instead, it's filled with comfortable chairs employees can arrange in whatever way best suits their needs for the meeting.

• A softly lit break room that actually is a place where people like to hang out. The break room is stocked with fresh fruits, and also with coffee brew machines for cappuccinos and other hot drinks.

• A pet friendly workplace where employees are encouraged to bring their dogs to work on Fridays.

• A full-service community meeting room called the Garage, which can hold up to 200 people.

Fogg said creating the meeting space was a priority, since TBS has been a part of the Oklahoma City community since 1968 and always had made community service part of its mission.

Throughout the years, TBS Factoring has worked with Junior Achievement and the Regional Food Bank.

She said TBS is offering the space for free to local nonprofits to use, and will include free refreshments for their events.

On Thursday, for example, the company invited the Central Oklahoma Humane Society and some of its furry friends to attend the open house.

TBS Factoring also presented the society with a $6,500 donation that included $1,500 it raised through an event where employees got to throw pies at their executive team.

Looking to the future

As for future improvements, Fogg said TBS plans to install a two-story, beach-themed employee restaurant with an outdoor pier and pontoon boat pavilion during the coming year.

It also continues to work on plans for a technology development center with flexible work stations.

Jeff Geurts, TBS' chief financial officer, said those plans are important since the firm continues to set its sights on attracting some of the best technology talent around as it continues to upgrade its digital platform.

"We plan to grow our technology team probably by four during the next year, and plan to build a nice new space within our headquarters for the team," Geurts said.

"That type of talent requires a certain type of environment, and we are doing everything we can to build that for them."

As for the office's general design concepts, Fogg said they matter.

"I would want something that appeals to me," she said.

"Sixty four percent of our workforce today is millennial. What we know about that generation is they want more quality time, and more of a work-life balance.

"When people are happy and comfortable with where they work, they do a better job. Happy employees equals happier clients. It all starts and ends with our team. I put myself in their shoes, and thought about how to make it different.

"These are fun concepts, and they are working."


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