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Finally, you are your own boss. You rig is fueled.  All you need are an open road and loads to haul, right? Almost ….

Bobby Oakes grew up in a truck driving family. His grandfather and father were both truck drivers and Bobby learned young how to handle the big rigs.

Happy Alexander was a school teacher when he decided to start Kalloor Transport in early 2008. Trucking was hit hard and available loads declined significantly.

Learn how to increase your loaded miles and profit by adding two higher-paying legs on your way back home.

You can’t make the dough if the wheels don’t roll. Taking a loss just to stay busy, or grabbing at high rates only to find yourself with a costly dead head doesn’t make sense.

Nobody goes into business expecting to fail. A lot of truckers are unknowingly putting personal assets at risk by failing to follow some basic, fairly easy guidelines.

In early 2009, in the grip of the Great Recession, Jason Bates and his wife Kristi surveyed the bleak economic landscape and decided it was the perfect time to start a trucking company.

Driven to Succeed

A must read! Successful independent truckers share their secrets to success.

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